MORI, Hiroshi

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Mathematics Physics and Earth Sciences
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  • Earth and planetary science, Petrology/Mineralogy/Science of ore deposit

Research Interests

    Meteoritics, Mineral Physics


  • Stress induced transformation of pigeonites form achondritic meteorites
    MORI H, TAKEDA H, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 15, (3) 252 - 259,   1988
  • Deformation of Minerals by shock compression
    Journal of Mineralogy, 19,   1989
  • Mode of atomic diffusion in materials forming the Earth's deep interior : Enhanced diffusion and activation volume
    Journal of Rock-forming Minerals, 4,   1989
  • Experimental vaporization and condensation of olivine solid solution
    NAGAHARA H, KUSHIRO I, MYSEN B O, MORI H, Nature, 331, (6156) 516 - 518,   1988
  • New series of superstructures based on a clinopyroxene : The structure of the Sc-series of enstatite-IV
    TAKEUCHI Y, MORI H, KUDOH Y, ITO J, Acta Crystalographica, 40, (2) 126 - 132,   1984
  • Mineral crystal and shock compression
    Japanese Journal of Crystallography, 27,   1985
  • Thermal and deformation histories of diogenites as inferred from their microtextures of orthopyroxene
    MORI H, TAKEDA H, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 53, (2) 266 - 274,   1981
  • The structure and polytypes of α-CaSiO3
    Acta Crystallographica\, B37,   1981
  • Mineralogy of interstitial rim materials of the Y74123 and Y790981 ureilites and their origin
    Meteoritics, 26,   1991
  • Crystallographic investigations of calcic plagioclase from the Bad Vermilion Lake Anorthosite Complex, Ontario
    European Journal of Mineralogy, 4,   1992
  • Mineralogy of new Antarctic achondrites with affinity to Lodran and a model of their evolution in an asteroid
    Meteoritics, 29,   1994
  • Shock induced phase transformation of Earth and planetary materials
    Hiroshi MORI, Journal of Mineralogical Society of Japan, 23, (4) 171 - 178,   1994
  • Mineralogy and 39Ar-40Ar age of an old pristine basalt : Thermal history of the HED parent body
    TAKEDA H, MORI H, BOGARD D D, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 122, (1/2) 183 - 194,   1994
  • Antarctic polymict eucrite Yamato 792769 and the cratering record on the HED parent body
    BOGARD D, NYQUIST L, TAKEDA H, MORI H, AOYAMA T, BANSAL B, WIESMANN H, SHIH C‐Y, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 57, (9) 2111 - 2121,   1993
  • Mineralogical studies of lunar more meteorites EET87521 and Y793274
    Proc. 22nd Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf., 22,   1992
  • Mineralogical and chemical comparisons of MAC88105 with Yamato lunar meteorites
    TAKEDA H, MORI H, SAITO J, MIYAMOTO M, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 55, (11) 3009 - 3017,   1991
  • Characterization of shock residual effects on chondritic meteorites by powder X-ray diffraction method
    Chikyu Monthly, 18,   1995
  • VLT-mare glasses of probable pyroclastic origin in a lunar meteorite breccia Yamato 793274
    Meteoritics, 30,   1995
  • Four lunar mare meteorites : Crystallization trends of pyroxenes and spinels
    Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 31,   1996
  • Mineralogy of some achondrites and the early evolution of their parent bodies
    Proc. 27th International Geol. Congress, 11,   1994
  • Mineralogy of augite-bearing ureilites and the origin of their chemical trends
    Meteoritics, 24,   1989
  • The diogenite-eucrite links and the crystallization history of a crust of their parent body
    J. Geophys. Res., 90,   1985
  • Mineralogical comparison of the Y86032-type lunar meteorites to feldspathic fragmental breccia 67016
    Proc. 20th Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf., 20,   1990
  • Local structure and mean-square relative displacement in SiO2 and GeO2 polymorphs
    J.Synchrotron Rad., 6,   1999
  • Shock-induced transition of NaAlSi3O8 feldspar into a hollandite structure in a L6 chondrite.
    TOMIOKA N, MORI H, FUJINO K, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, (24) 3997 - 4000,   2000
  • Hot-shock experiments of a basaltic eucrite : Implication for impact processes on a early hot crust.
    Antarctic Meteorite Res., 25,   2000
  • Shock experiments of synthetic eucrite with various initial temperature
    Lunar Planet Sci., 16,   2000

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