OKAMOTO, Takashi

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Mathematics Physics and Earth Sciences
PositionAssociate Professor
Last Updated :2019/03/13

Researcher Profile and Settings


  •  - 1989 , The University of Tokyo, Graduate School, Division of Science
  •  - 1983 , Waseda University, Faculty of Education


  • Doctor of Science

Association Memberships

  • Palaeontological Society of Japan

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Earth and planetary science, Stratigraphy/Paleontology

Research Interests

    Constructional morphology, Theoretical morphology, Evolutionary paleobiology


  • Analysis of heteromorph ammonoids by differential geometry.
    Palaeontology, 31,   1988
  • Changes in life orientation during the ontogeny of some heteromorph ammonoids.
    Palaeontology, 31,   1988
  • Developemental regulation and morphological saltation in the heteromorph ammonite Nipponites.
    Paleobiology, 14,   1988
  • Comparative morphology of Nipponites and Eubostrychoceras(Cretaceous nostoceratids)
    Trans. Proc. Palaeont. Soc. Japan, N. S,   1989
  • Theoretical morphology of Nipponites (a heteromorph ammonoid).
    Fossils,   1984
  • Geometric regularity of some oblique sculptures in pectinid and other bivalves : recognition by computer simulations.
    Paleobiology, 12,   1986
  • Evolution of some Late Cretaceous desmoceratin ammonoids.
    Trans. proc. Palaeont. Soc. Japan, N. S.,   1990
  • Method and perspective of theoretical morphology-Geometric description of tubular objects and their hydro-static application.
    Fossils,   1989
  • Theoretical modelling of ammonite morphogenesis.
    Neues Jahrbuch f(]J1168[)r Geologie und Pal(]E88D2[)ontologie, Abhandlungen, 190, (2) 183 - 190,   1993
  • Arm autotomy and arm branching pattern as anti-predatory adaptations in stalked and stalkless crinoids
    Paleobiology, 20, (1) 27 - 39,   1994
  • A cyclic mode of shell growth and its implication in a Late Cretaceous heteromorph ammonite (Polyptychoceras)■.-. (pseudogaultinum)■.-.(Yokoyama)
    OKAMOTO TAKASHI, SHIBATA MAKOTO, Paleontological Research, 1, (1) 29 - 46,   1997

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