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TSUBOTA Takahiro

FacultyGraduate School of Science and Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering
PositionSenior Assistant Professor
Last Updated :2019/08/29

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    TSUBOTA Takahiro

Education, Etc.


  • 2010/07 - 2014/09, Queensland University of Technology, Science and Engineering Faculty, Smart Transport Research Centre
  • 2006/04 - 2008/03
  • 2002/04 - 2006/03


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  • 2019 - Today

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  • 2019/04 - Today
  • 2016/03 - 2016/03
  • 2014/05 - 2015/12
  • 2008/04 - 2010/06, Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd

Research Activities

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Research Areas

  • Civil engineering, Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering

Research Interests

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Simulation

Book, papers, etc

Published Papers

  • 2019, [Refereed]
  • 2019, [Refereed]
  • Study on Accident Risk considering Traffic States and Road Geometry in Intercity Expressways, 坪田隆宏, 吉井稔雄, XING Jian, 交通工学論文集(Web), 2019, 2187-2929, 10.14954/jste.5.2_A_199
  • Effect of Pavement Conditions on Accident Risk in Rural Expressways, Takahiro Tsubota, Toshio Yoshii, Hirotoshi Shirayanagi and Shinya Kurauchi, The 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2018), 2018/11, [Refereed]
  • Effect of Road Pavement Ages on Traffic Accident Risks, Takahiro Tsubota, Celso Fernando, Toshio Yoshii and Hirotoshi Shirayanagiq, Transportation Research Procedia, [Refereed]
  • 2018/08, [Refereed]
  • 2018/02, [Refereed], 10.14954/jste.4.1_A_216
  • 2018/02, [Refereed], 10.14954/jste.4.1_A_106
  • Investigation of the Effects of Traffic Safety and In-vehicle Criminality on Commuter’s Mode Choice Behaviour, Audinda Virsa Leinia, Takahiro Tsubota, Toshio Yoshii, Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems, 2017/12, [Refereed]
  • A Memetic Algorithm for Real World Multi-intersection Traffic Signal Optimisation Problems, Nasser R. Sabar, Le Minh Kieu, Edward Chung, Takahiro Tsubota, Paulo Eduardo Maciel de Almeida, International Scientific Journal Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2017/08, [Refereed], 10.1016/j.engappai.2017.04.021
  • 2017/02, [Refereed], 10.14954/jste.3.2_A_37
  • An Analysis of the Detection Probability of MAC Address from a Moving Bluetooth Device, Takahiro Tsubota and Toshio Yoshii, Transportation Research Procedia, 2017, [Refereed]
  • Validation Study of Naïve Bayes Probabilistic Model for Transit Passengers’ Trip Purpose Estimation: Case Study Exploiting Detailed Brisbane Household Travel Survey Data, Takahiko Kusakabe, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, ransportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016/01, [Refereed]
  • Comparative analysis of traffic state estimation: Cumulative counts-based and trajectory-based methods, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Alfredo Nantes, Edward Chung, Vikash V. Gayah, Transportation Research Record, 2015/01, 03611981, 10.3141/2491-05
  • Urban traffic state estimation: Fusing point and zone based data, Ashish Bhaskar, Takahiro Tsubota, Le Minh Kieu, Edward Chung, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2014/11, 0968090X, 10.1016/j.trc.2014.08.015
  • Macroscopic fundamental diagram for Brisbane, Australia: empirical findings on network partitioning and incident detection, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Transportation Research Record, 2014, [Refereed], 10.3141/2421-02
  • Traffic density estimation of signalised arterials with stop line detector and probe data, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies, 2013, [Refereed], 10.11175/easts.10.1750
  • Benefit of Accident Reduction Considering the Improvement of Travel Time Reliability., Takahiro Tsubota,Harumi Kikuchi,Kazuhito Uchiumi,Hiroshi Warita,Fumitaka Kurauchi, Int. J. Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, 2011, [Refereed], 10.1007/s13177-011-0027-z

Books etc

  • New Developments in Transport Planning - Advances in Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Takahiro Tsubota, Masao Kuwahara, Contributor, Study on Dynamic System Optimum Assignment to Establish Marginal Time Equilibrium, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010

Conference Activities & Talks

  • THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DRIVING TIME AND DRIVER’S BEHAVIOUR: A CASE STUDY AT A SAG, TSUBOTA Takahiro, removed: Think Mobility, 2016/10, 招待有り, Smart Transport Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


  • 58, 2018/11
  • Effect of Road Pavement Ages on Traffic Accident Risks, Takahiro Tsubota, Celso Fernando, Toshio Yoshii and Hirotoshi Shirayanagiq, The International Symposium of Transport Simulation & International Workshop on Traffic Data and its Standardization 2018 (ISTS & IWTDCS 2018), 2018/08
  • 57, 2018/06
  • 57, 2018/06
  • An analysis of the effect of road pavement materials and their ages on the accident risk on Hanshin Expressway, TSUBOTA Takahiro, 57, 2018/06
  • 2018/05
  • 2018/05
  • Impact of Long-Continuous Driving Vehicles on Accident Risks, Takahiro Tsubota, Toshio Yoshii and Koichi Ogura, The 7th International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability,, 2018/01
  • Investigation of the Effects of Traffic Safety and In-vehicle Criminality on Commuter’s Mode Choice Behaviour, Audinda Virsa Leinia, Takahiro Tsubota and Toshio Yoshii, International Symposium of the 11th Society for Social Management Systems, 2017/09
  • 2017/05
  • 2017/05
  • Real time information provision benefit measured by macroscopic fundamental diagram, Tsubota, Takahiro, Bhaskar, Ashish, Chung, Edward, & Geroliminis, Nikolaos, World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR 2013), 2013/07
  • Information provision and network performance represented by Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Nikolas Geroliminis, Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2013/01
  • Arterial traffic congestion analysis using bluetooth duration data, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Romain Billot, ATRF 2011 - 34th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 2011/09,
  • Traffic Density Estimation of Signalised Arterials with Mid-Link Sinks and Sources, 坪田隆宏, BHASKAR Ashish, CHUNG Edward, 生産研究, Institute of Industrial Science The University of Tokyo, 生産研究, 66, 2, 187, 192, 2014, 0037-105X|1881-2058, 10.11188/seisankenkyu.66.187,
  • Empirical evaluation of Brisbane macroscopic fundamental diagram, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Australasian Transport Research Forum, ATRF 2013 - Proceedings, 2013/01,, The Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD) relates space-mean density and flow, and the existence with dynamic features was confirmed in congested urban network with real data set from loop detectors and taxi probes. Since the MFD represents the area-wide network traffic performances, it gives foundations for perimeter control strategies and an area traffic state estimation enabling area-based network control. However, limited works have been reported on real world example from signalised arterial network. This paper fuses data from multiple sources (Bluetooth, Loops and Signals) and develops a framework for the development of the MFD for Brisbane. Existence of the MFD in Brisbane network is confirmed. Different MFDs (from whole network and several sub regions) are evaluated to discover the spatial partitioning in network performance representation.
  • Traffic density estimation of signalised arterials with mid-link sinks and sources, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013, 2013/01,, This research aims to develop a reliable density estimation method for signalised arterials based on cumulative counts from upstream and downstream detectors. Although traffic density is a key variable for analyzing network performance, its estimation is still challenging due to counting errors associated with urban arterials with mid-link sinks and sources. In order to overcome the issue, CUmulative plots and Probe Integration for Travel timE estimation (CUPRITE) is employed for density estimation. CUPRITE reduces or cancels the counting inconsistencies when vehicles' conservation is not satisfied within a section by utilizing probe vehicles' samples. The method is tested in a controlled environment, and the authors demonstrate the effectiveness of CUPRITE for density estimation in a signalised section.
  • 都市高速道路を対象とした旅行時間信頼性による新たな評価手法の研究, 割田博, 坪田隆宏, 船岡直樹, 宗像恵子, 土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM), 39, ROMBUNNO.311, 2009/06,
  • 首都高速道路を対象としたネットワーク評価手法の検討, 内海和仁, 大塚秀樹, 割田博, 坪田隆宏, 土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM), 41, 2010/06,
  • 首都高速道路における所要時間信頼性向上便益の試算, 坪田隆宏, 菊地春海, 梶原一夫, 坂爪誠, 割田博, 倉内文孝, 土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM), 39, ROMBUNNO.318, 2009/06,
  • 限界時間の均衡化による動的システム最適配分に関する研究, 坪田隆宏, 桑原雅夫, 土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM), 37, ROMBUNNO.316, 2008/06,




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