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Last Updated :2019/07/25

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  • Name

    NAGASAKI, Mutsuko


Affiliation & Job

  • Section

    Institute for Education and Student Support

Education, Etc.


  • B.A. in Economics
  • Master of Science in Education
  • Ph.D. in Education

Research Activities

Research Areas, Etc.

Research Areas

  • Linguistics, Foreign language education, Foreign Language Education

Research Interests

  • Oral Rehearsal
  • English Education

Book, papers, etc

Published Papers

Books etc

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Benefits of Interactive and Individual Rehearsals for Developing Second Language Communication Ability, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin, 58th JACET International Convention, 2019/08 28
  • Japanese University Students’ Use of Digital Technology and Learning Preferences, ARMITAGE Kristin, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, 54th RELC International Conference, Singapore, 2019/03
  • Effects of Oral Rehearsal on Second Language Speaking Improvement, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, SLS Lecture Series (The Brown Bag Seminar), University of Hawaii, 2018/09 06, 招待有り
  • Teaching and learning methods to improve speaking ability: Report of the 2015-2017 Kaken (C) Research, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin, KANEKO Ikuyo, 16th Ehime University English Education Reformation Seminar, 2018/03
  • The Assessment Challenges of Creative Activities, ARMITAGE Kristin, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, 53rd RELC International Conference, Singapore, 2018/03
  • The Future of English Education in Japan: Revised Points of the National Curriculum Reformation-Integrated Skills/Active Learning/Learner Autonomy/Intercultural Communication Education, MURAOKA Yuka, MATSUNO Mai, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, MATSUOKA Yaeko, TAJIMA Chihiro, 2018/02
  • Is the length of an oral rehearsal period a significant factor in second language speaking improvement?, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin, 56th JACET International Convention, Tokyo, 2017/08
  • Does oral practice work?: Effects of rehearsal and instruction on second language speaking improvement, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin, 55th JACET International Convention, Sapporo, 2016/08
  • Oral Rehearsals and Speech in University English Class, NAGASAKI Mutsuko,ORIMOTO Sunao, JACET Chugoku-Shikoku Chapter Spring Convention, 2016/06
  • From a language learner to a language user: The use of focused tasks, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, Ehime Prefecture Seminar for ALT, 2015/12 01, 招待有り
  • Effects of spoken rehearsal on L2 learning, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, 54th JACET International Convention, Kagoshima, 2015/08
  • 2015/05 19, 招待有り
  • Promoting EFL learners’ speaking ability using rehearsal and developing a meaningful assessment of their speaking, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin, KANEKO Ikuyo, The AAAL 2015 Annual Conference, Toronto, 2015/03
  • Promoting EFL Learners’ speaking ability through rehearsal, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, JALT Matsuyama Chapter Meeting, 2015/02
  • Global Poster Session, ORIMOTO Sunao, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, HEFFERNAN Neil, NAKAYAMA Akira, 53rd JACET International Conference, 2014/08
  • Effects of Rehearsal through Speaking on L2, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, The AAAL 2014 Annual Conference, Portland, 2014/03

Other Research Activities

Research Grants & Projects

  • MEXT & Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS KAKENHI, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), 18K00871, Pair rehearsal and peer review for developing L2 communication abiilty, NAGASAKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, ARMITAGE Kristin
  • MEXT & Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS KAKENHI, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 15K02681, A teaching and learning methodology for improving speaking ability:, NAGASKI Mutsuko, ORIMOTO Sunao, KANEKO Ikuyo
  • Ehime University, Educational Innovation GP (Good Practice) (B), English e-learning courses for students who need special assistance (reasonable accommodations), NAGASAKI Mutsuko,MIURA Yui, KAWAMOTO Julia

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