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  • 2000年04月 - 2003年03月, 愛媛大学, 大学院理工学研究科・博士後期課程, 生産環境工学専攻
  • 1998年04月 - 2000年03月, 愛媛大学, 大学院理工学研究科・博士前期課程, 環境建設工学科
  • 1989年08月 - 1993年07月, アリガルムスリム大学, 工学部, 土木工学


  • 工学博士


  •   2016年04月,  - 現在, 愛媛大学, 社会共創学部, 准教授
  •   2015年04月,  - 現在, 愛媛大学, 大学院理工学研究科・生産環境工学専攻, 准教授
  •   2007年04月,  - 2015年03月, 愛媛大学, 大学院理工学研究科・生産環境工学専攻, 助教
  •   2003年04月,  - 2007年03月, 愛媛大学, 工学部・環境建設工学科, 助手
  •   1994年11月,  - 1997年10月, ネパール工科大学, 土木学科, 助教
  •   1993年09月,  - 1994年10月, JAYEE建設会社(ネパール), 道路建設エンジニア


  • 国際地盤災害軽減コンソーシアム
  • 日本建築学会
  • 日本地すべり学会
  • アメリカ土木学会
  • ヒマラヤン地すべり学会
  • ネパール地盤工学会
  • ネパールエンジニア協会
  • 地盤工学会
  • 土木学会
  • 国際地盤工学会(ISSMGE)
  • International Consortium on Landslides (Ehime University Alternative Representative)


  •   2017年06月 - 現在, 地盤工学会, 第53回地盤工学会研究発表会委員会委員
  •   2017年04月 - 現在, 国際地盤災害軽減コンソーシアム, プロジェクト連携委員長
  •   2016年 - 現在, 地盤工学会四国支部, 監事
  •   2014年01月 - 現在, 国際地盤工学会 ATC3, 国内委員
  •   2013年08月 - 現在, Himalayan Landslide Society, 役員会 幹事
  •   2013年01月 - 現在, 国際地盤工学会 ATC10, 国内委員
  •   2003年05月 - 2005年04月, ネパールエンジニア協会, 日本支部長
  •   2007年10月 - 2009年09月, ネパールエンジニア協会, Co-Chairman, International Relation Committee
  •   2006年04月 - 2008年03月, ネパール地盤工学会, 役員
  •   2008年04月 - 現在, ネパール地盤工学会, 副会長



  • 自然災害科学・防災学, 災害に強い地域社会
  • 地盤工学, 地盤災害・地盤防災


    災害に強い地域社会, 地すべり, 斜面災害, 土の残留強度, 粘土鉱物, 地理情報システム(GIS)



  • Enhancing landslides susceptibility mapping by combining InSAR processed images into the statistic model of Bawakaraeng mountain, Indonesia
    Ilham Alimuddin, Luhur Bayuaji, Abdul Rachman Rasyid, Abdul Rachman Rasyid, Purwanto, Bambang Setiadi, Netra Prakash Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, 37th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, ACRS 2016, 2,   2016年01月01日, Landslides have been one of the major natural disasters in most countries in the world. Indonesia has experienced landslides events annually in its mountainous areas and has been generating increasing number of casualties in recent years. One way of preventing the number of casualties from these landslides is by identifying those landslides prone areas and mitigates it by providing susceptible maps. Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are 2 growing modern technologies that have been used by many researchers in the provision of Landslides Susceptibility Maps (LSM). LSM has been created by many kinds approach by simple methodology like overlaying several parameters layers in GIS to combined methodologies such as using statistical approach and validation with remote sensing images or ground survey. The study area covers a mountainous area named Bawakaraeng and Lompobattang Mountain in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia where rock formations are dominated by Miocene erupted volcanic. The objective of this research is trying to enhance the existing LSM created using frequency ratio model with higher resolution raster image of causal factors parameters used to create the LS index maps. In this research, we attempted to use the raster image created from Differential Interferometry of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image processing of ALOS PALSAR1 images of DInSAR repeated-pass method. The raw data is SAR level 1 data with 5 scenes of different acquisition year of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 of similar seasons. We have processed 3 pairs of SAR and the raster image generated have indicated areas where slight surface displacement have occurred and confirmed where cracks were found that initiated surface movement of future landslides. This image was used to validate the landslide incidence location and as one parameter of the causal factors in frequency ratio analysis in enhancing the creation of LSM. The result showed zone of prone areas to landslides graded based on the Landslide Susceptibility Index.
  • Erratum: Modification of a torsional ring shear apparatus to understand the creeping behaviors of landslide soils
    Deepak Raj Bhat, Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Ranjan K. Dahal, Ram C. Tiwari, International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 7,   2013年01月01日
  • Method of residual-state creep test to understand the creeping behaviour of landslide soils
    Deepak Raj Bhat, Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Landslide Science and Practice: Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring, 2,   2013年12月01日, Many researchers have studied creeping behaviour of landslide soils in the laboratory using both odometer and triaxial tests; however in most cases, they have only concentrated on the pre-peak creep behaviour of soil, which does not adequately explain the creep movement of landslides that undergo large displacements at close-to-residual state of shear. This necessitates the importance of further studying creep behaviour of clayey soils in residual-state of shear. In order to investigate creep behaviour of clayey soils, a method of residual-state creep test in a modified torsional ring shear machine is developed in laboratory, which can simulate the creeping behaviour of a large-scale landslide. This paper discusses on the typical results obtained from four representative landslide soils, i.e., commercially available Kaolin clay and three other samples from the landslide area in Japan and Nepal which have higher percentage of smectite, chlorite, and mica. Finally, possibilities towards displacement prediction are discussed. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013.
  • A proposal on improved impact load specification for the design of a rockfall interceptive cable-net structure
    Shanker Dhakal, Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Naoki Kinoshita, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Shock and Impact Loads on Structures,   2011年12月01日, The usual way to specify the impact load onto the rockfall protective structures has been through the impact energy (kinetic energy) of the falling rock-boulder. The same philosophy was adopted during the full-scale test campaign of a newly developed interceptive system in Japan, known as the Long-span Pocket-type Rock-net (LPR). The LPR was required to resist fully the specified kinetic energy that was achieved via an arbitrary combination of the mass and the velocity (or falling height) of the impacting concrete block. However, it is very practical that there exist other variables that may independently characterize the impact of rockfall onto the protective structures while giving the same specified impact energy! Few important of them could be the density of rock-block, its velocity, or size, idealized block-shape, impact point, multi-rock impact, etc. Their effects should be scientifically quantified and appropriately incorporated either explicitly or implicitly (approximately) in the design. Setting this hypothesis, the authors carried out a numerical parametric study involving the nonlinear dynamic analyses using the Finite Element code of LS-DYNA, and the effects of various characteristic-parameters were successfully depicted. Finally, implicated from the discovered effects, a proposal on the improvement in the state-of-the-practice method of specifying the impact load for the design and targeted design code preparation of LPR structures is presented, wherein there shall be other independent variables as well in addition to the usually specified kinetic energy of falling rock block.
  • Mineralogical influence on ring shear strength of landslide materials from lesser Himalaya and Siwalik zones in Central Nepal
    N. P. Bhandary, R. Yatabe, Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: The Academia and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering, 1,   2009年12月01日, Various studies in the past have revealed that the percentage of landslides and related failures occuring in low to middle class mountain ranges of Nepal in Central Himalaya is far greater than that occurring in any other parts of the country. Especially, the landslides and slope failures including debris flows that frequently damage road infrastructure in Central Nepal draw significant attention in terms of national concern over economic loss and public suffering. The most important national road network in Nepal connecting the capital area to rest of the business centers and dense settlement areas in southern plains frequently suffers from this problem. However, the efforts to study these landslides and their engineering properties to go for appropriate preventive techniques are insiginificant. With an aim to understand shear characteristics of clay material of landslides along this road network, this paper addresses land sliding mechanism in terms of material shear behavior and mineralogical influence. A total of 31 locations of landslides and failure sites were investigated for field verification and soil sampling. Due to field-related difficulties and limited resources, however, soil sampling was possible at about 15 locations only. The collected samples were then tested in ring shear apparatus for peak and residual shear strength parameters and in x-ray diffractometer for minerological composition to reveal the influence of chlorite and mica like weak minerals on the shear strength of landslide clays. © 2009 IOS Press.
  • Ring shear tests on clays of fracture zone landslides and clay mineralogical aspects
    Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Progress in Landslide Science,   2007年12月01日, Various investigations on tectonically-induced landslides in Shikoku Region of West Japan have been carried out, most of which conclude at tectonic activities through the major tectonic faults and enhanced rock mineral decomposition as being mainly responsible for the landslide occurrence. This paper looks into strength parameters of the landslide clays, as measured in ring shear apparatus, from clay mineralogical point of view. As a result of strength tests and X-ray diffraction analysis, it is found that the drop from peak to residual friction angles for the tested samples reaches as high as 20°, and the residual strength of the landslide clays was found to decrease with higher amount of expansive clay minerals, which was estimated as being relative to chlorite mineral. © 2007 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
  • Simulation of Quasi-3D Slope Stability in Multi Layered Hill Slopes
    Annual Journal of Engineering, Ehime University, Vol.4,   2005年
  • 地盤工学と発展途上国への協力
    バンダリ ネトラ プラカシュ, 土と基礎 = Soil mechanics and foundation engineering, 51,   2003年01月01日
  • スメクタイトを含む地すべり粘土の膨張と強度特性
  • Swelling and Shear Characteristics Smectite Landslide Clay
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    地盤災害・地盤環境問題論文集, 第6,   2006年
  • Earthquake hazard risk of Kathmandu Valley and protection of world cultural heritage sites in Nepal
    平成18年自然災害フォーラム論文集、土木学会四国支部,   2006年
  • Clay minerals contributing to creeping displacement of fracture zone landslides in Japan
    “Landslides, risk analysis and sustainable disaster management”, K. Sassa, H. Fukuoka, F. Wang, and G. Wang (Eds.), Proc. First General Assembly of the International Consortium on Landslides,   2005年
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  • Education for Disaster Mitigation in Schools
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  • Instability of decomposed granite cut slopes caused by expansive clay layers
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  • 土砂災害対策法としての周辺地下水水質の実似たリングと制御に関する基礎的研究
      2011年 - 2011年
  • 避難シミュレータを採用した住民参加による防災計画策定プロセスに関する基礎的研究
      2006年 - 2006年


  •   2014年09月, ICGdR, 12th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction (U.S.A.), 優秀論文発表賞
  •   2012年10月, 10th International Symposium on Mitigation of Geo-disasters in Asia (Japan), 優秀発表賞
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  •   2003年04月, 第1回4大学(島根・山口・愛媛・高知)間学生交流自主的・実践的研究プロジェクト実行委員会, 最優秀賞
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  •   2004年02月, ネパール政府文部省, マヘンドラビディヤブシヤンメダル-III 国王表彰, 博士号取得のため


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